It is nearly two years ago that we connected Recycle Beirut’s 100 kWp microgrid in Ouzai, Beirut. (Recycle Beirut’s Microgrid). Without larger interruptions, the system provides a warehouse, two households and a mosque sufficiently 24/7/365 with electricity.

But it’s not only the 300 solar panels installed, neither the power control units nor the battery management system or the inverter that are doing the most important job everyday. It is Rabih, our operational manager and his team, that does the most important job: planning and coordinating the shared, finite amount of energy given to us every day!

Rabih in the office of Recycle Beirut

Rabih reaches work at…

by Florian Stark for Recycle Beirut

In the first half of 2020, Recycle Beirut’s sorting facilities in Bir Hassan, a southern suburb of Beirut, has witnessed an increasing demand for recycled material from resellers, buyers and manufacturers. Can an economic crisis lead to an incentive for individuals and companies to focus on sustainable ways of producing and manufacturing?

Detergent bottles in Recycle Beirut's sorting facility in Beirut, Lebanon

One particular material Recycle Beirut (RB) sorts is plastic. Most plastic is coming into the sorting facility of RB from its company own pick-up service. Customer and clients including households, businesses, schools, NGO’s, restaurants, and others that sort their recyclable material at…

Stefan Kruse Jørgensen’s short film The Migrating Image is an investigation of images produced during the so-called European refugee crisis in 2015. It is on view through 6 May as part of Africa: Rethinking Architecture and Design, a group exhibition at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation in Copenhagen. Through Kruse’s inquiry into the production of images portraying humanitarian affairs, and their most often hidden ideological footing, the film engages in a critique of its own kind.

By Florian Stark

Kept short (28:05), Kruse’s film discusses the production of “technical images” behind the…

Flo Stark

I’m interested in the flow of humans, electrons, climate and societies.

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